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Wednesday, 24th Mar 2004

Dick Van Leeuwen from the Meat and Livestock Commission worked closely with Lucas Ingredients and RAPS UK to bring you some new ideas for your existing and potential new customers. The workshops supported were partially funded from the European Social Fund.

The New Product Workshops were introduced by Dutchman Dick Van Leeuwen who has worked for the Meat and Livestock Commission since 1987. Without exception those attending were greatly entertained and motivated by the demonstrations. Those who decided not to attend missed one of the best evenings ever for independent butchers.

The simplest products are often the best sellers, so Dick kept his products as simple as possible.
Starting with a forequarter of lamb Dick boned and trimmed it by removing the rib cage then seamed out the neck fillet.

While Dick prepared the shoulder of lamb, Danny Upson introduced the Orange and Rosemary Stuffing Mix available from Lucas. This stuffing can work equally well as an addition to a Venison Sausage made with beef seasoning. The shoulder was trimmed, shank boned but left on and spread out to allow space for the stuffing. Allow 30 - 40 %. The product was laced with elastics and then garnished with some orange and rosemary so that the customer could understand right away what the product was going to taste like. The joints so garnished would vacuum pack and still look good because of the garnishing thus allowing the product to be prepared early in the week.

Turning his attention to the lamb neck fillet, Dick asked Danny for a Yoghurt and Mint marinade. Mint, ginger, cucumber flavours in the mix plus fresh natural yoghurt. 18% mix + 41 % yoghurt + 41 % water; following the recipe one litre of sauce costs � 2.10 to make.

Using six little 180g steaks Dick coated the steaks with the marinade and then filled more sauce into a tinfoil container. (This product can be made with any part of the shoulder)

This product Dick suggested should be sold as price per item to get away from the price per pound. The trays were then garnished with leaves of mint.

Caribbean Style Lamb Kofta was next using Jamaican Sausage seasoning.
While in a Jerk Shack in Jamaica Graham Taylor, Senior Technical Manager of Raps UK discovered this jerk recipe using onions, chilli, thyme, oregano and all spice (pimento as it is commonly known). He described it as "Christmas pudding with attitude - a real carnival in your mouth".

Mixed and played out of a Spikomat grillstick container and then garnish with peppers, red and green or even chilli.

Next up was a Topside of Beef that Dick Van Leeuwen seamed out. All the muscles run in different directions and eat in different ways. Seaming out and removing membrane without taking too much meat off. Once done Dick had two muscles that he then separated. The bullet piece Dick destroyed the fine grain to make it a bit more tender and then cut across the flesh because he was going to coat in a marinade and this would allow greater taste penetration.

Red Pepper Salsa - red and green peppers, onions, tomatoes- 33% of dry mix + 67% water to make the marinade. Dick said that the marinade steaks should be dressed up as a meal. Display in a tinfoil tray with garnish of peppers and onion.

Taking the other muscle Dick pointed out that there would even be different eating quality within the same muscle. To make " Red Hot" Snack Steak using a Raps marinade.

Shallots, paprikas and chillies combined to make the spiced oil called Dragon Fire available from Raps through McAusland Crawford.

Garnish with red and green chilli.
Next product was a burger. Any burger seasoning would do but Dick used Gold Burger Mix. To make this different and justify a higher price than normal beef burgers coat this burger in Smoky Salsa Glaze. (roasted onions and tomato). Salsa has proven to be a popular taste so should be profitable.

Dick van Leeuwen�s advice to his audience
"First sell the idea - don't even talk about the price. Make it attractive and it sells the product".

Belly Pork was used for the pork products. Removing the rind quickly Dick recalled his days as an apprentice in Holland where trainees practice their first knife skills skinning bellies. Excess fat was removed and the back criss cross scored. Belly was cut into big roasting ribs and glazed with French Mustard Glaze - the most popular in the latest Lucas range. Garnish with mustard and sold as Mustard King Rib.

The second Belly Pork was skinned, trimmed and ribs fleeced out. Back was scored and belly cut lengthwise in half and then into chunky pieces. Once marinaded the belly pork comes alive.

Thai Style Crispi Pork was made using Lemon Grass and Chilli Marinade from Raps.

"Looks good, taste good and quick and easy for the butcher to turn into profitable products"
Gary Evans, RAPS.

The four posters issued at these New Product Workshops and the recipe booklet was sent to all members in April 2004.

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