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FOOD TECHNOLOGIST ( Please note this is not a job advert )

Food technologists aim to produce safe and nutritious food with a consistent flavour, colour, and texture.

Typical work activities include:

* developing new, and modifying existing, products and processes;
* checking and improving quality control procedures;
* developing product ideas, selecting products from suppliers and addressing issues of safety and quality;
* liaising and co-operating with technical and commercial colleagues in procurement, sales and technical service, marketing and distribution, and also with official food inspection and hygiene agencies. This takes up a considerable part of the typical work activities in food manufacturing;
* in retailing, the typical work activities include working with suppliers on quality issues and new product ideas.

Relevant degree and HND subjects include physical/mathematical/applied science and life and medical science. Entry without a degree or HND is sometimes possible. Training as a technician may lead to more advanced work after you have gained appropriate experience and further vocational qualifications.

For more information contact the Institute of Food Science and Technology.

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