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Employment practices liability

You are covered for £100,000 Employment practices liability

Coupled with the services of Lindsays as Employment Law advisers, SFMTA has a policy that covers members’ liability should they be faced with tribunal charges and other employment law related costs.

EMPLOYMENT Liability Policy - Policy Number: EH MLP 3092872

Employment practices liability covered is £100,000 with no excess but is dependent on you having sought and followed the advice of Lindsays. It is hoped that SFMTA members will see this as an enhanced benefit from membership of the Federation.

What is covered

Claims by employees cover
We will pay for your or any insured person’s loss caused by a claim by an employed person alleging an employment practice wrongful act.
The excess will not apply to any claim brought only against an insured person.

Claims by others cover
We will pay for your or any insured person’s loss caused by a claim by anyone other than an employed person alleging an employment practice wrongful act.

Compensation for court attendance cover
We will pay you at the rate of £250 per day for each insured person and any accompanying husband, wife, civil or unmarried partner provided such insured person’s attendance is needed in court in connection with any claim or investigation.

Investigation costs cover
We will pay for your or any insured person’s investigation costs caused by an investigation first notified as being required during the period of insurance.

Employment practice claims exclusion - failure to obtain advice
Under the Employment practices liability section of the policy, it will not cover any claim, loss or investigation unless you have sought and followed the advice of Lindsays for any employee grievance or dispute, disciplinary action or proposed dismissal, redundancy or any other matter that can cause an employment practice claim.

For information about this policy contact:-
Richard McDonald, Account Executive
Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers
Direct: 0141 354 2895 | Mobile: 07787 577540
Office: 0141 353 3539 | Fax: 0141 353 3888

The scope of the cover is for Employment Practices Insurances only.

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