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This category nominations were made by the trainees and was for the individual who has encouraged the trainee in their development within their workplace

Winner: Tom Grierson, Grierson Bros, Castle Douglas

Tom has always taken the time to show the best and traditional way of doing things. This has helped my progression a lot over the years. He always gives praise and encouragement and finds the time to talk over the task in hand so we always understand exactly what to do and how to go about doing it. Tom makes working in the butchers a very enjoyable experience and treats everyone the same making it feel like a little family rather than a workforce.

I have worked at the butchers for nine years and if I had known about this nomination I would have definitely done this earlier.
Grant Smith

Tom always likes to show how he was taught when performing tasks such as: shoulder of beef and hindquarter. This means that his roots are visible in the end product produced and ensures that we pass on these skills. There are not many managers/co-owners in businesses these days who are so hands-on and spend long hours on site making sure everything from presentation of final products to the cleanliness of shops themselves. This means that in a scenario of when we are not sure of how to do something we can confidently ask Tom.

Tom also allows all his staff to learn all skills within the business – from serving to cutting up by getting this chance to learn, personal confidence has improved with these skills. Therefore because of Tom’s traditional learning methods, eagerness and enthusiasm – to name a few qualities - we as a team feel his contribution should be acknowledged.

As our assessor made aware there are less and less managers who teach the traditional ways rather than the fast and less effective ways.
em>Darren Tait

Tom’s dedication to his business is unbelievable as he works every single day with barely any breaks if any at all. If anyone is ever unsure about anything he will make sure that you understand. He also leads by example in terms of the standards he expects and to the speed in which he wants the tasks carried out.
Conner Docherty

Tom has developed my butchering skills ever since I started work at Grierson’s Butchers. If I have any problems I can go to Tom knowing he will do his best to help me. Not only does Tom help develop my skills he tries to make work as enjoyable as possible on top of making the business run successfully.
Aidan Tait

Finalist: Allan Learmonth, A J Learmonth, Jedburgh

I think that Allan should be this year’s mentor of the year because of the following points:

Without him I wouldn`t have achieved anything close to what I have. Be it from completing my Level 3 in the time period that I have, winning the U22 Meat Skills Competition in Perth against what were tough competitors and now representing GB in Ireland in March. This was all made possible by the hard work and dedication that Allan has put into my training from little things like answering odd questions to physically showing me the best and most efficient ways of doing my job.

Not only in working hours does Allan give up time to help me, on the lead up to Perth he gave up numerous nights and Sundays to help push me in the right direction and perfect the skills I needed. He has put his trust in me and now allowing me to do my own thing and running his shop on the odd days has really brought me on not only as a butcher but as a leader and a personality overall.

Taking on two new staff members in February was always going to be a challenge when none of them have been in the trade before but again Allan`s guidance pushed them in the right direction and now both have the skills to succeed in this line of work. I am very thankful of this because I no longer have to spend my mornings down in the production room ha ha!

If the above reasons aren`t enough I may go on to say that I owe everything I know to him and know he will support me wherever my path takes me therefore I thoroughly believe he deserves to be this year’s winner of the award.

Nominated by Ryan Briggs

I would like to nominate Allan for the following reasons:

• Helped me massively with this job, after a serious operation last year I was unable to continue my old line of work in the building trade.
• Trained me up to a high standard after only six months.
• Has helped Ryan the apprentice to win the Under 22s Scottish Butcher Championships.

Allan is more like a friend than a boss and makes sure he puts everyone else’s problems before his own. For these reasons I am nominating him for Mentor of the Year 2017.

Nominated by Marc Gotterson

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