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Scottish Craft Butchers high quality produce

Friday, 12th Jul 2019

Members of Scottish Craft Butchers- high quality produce sourced from reputable suppliers

Meat with Integrity
Consume with Confidence

Members of Scottish Craft Butchers have built a reputation for high quality produce sourced from reputable suppliers.
We have built up long lasting relationships with Farmers across Scotland establishing trust in what each of us do. Scotland has an abundance of natural pastures nurtured by generations of farmers who are specialists in their own right.
Our homemade products are produced by dedicated and talented individuals with a passion for our industry. Job satisfaction for us is meeting the high expectations of the consumer.
When me make our Sausages and Burgers , they are made with care and attention to detail in smaller batches in our shops. We make them, not only for sale to the customers but for consumption by our own children and families.
We make them, we eat them
#meatwithintegrity #consumewithconfidence

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Scottish Craft Butchers

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