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Monday, 14th Mar 2016

Federation members accepted the invitation from Harrison & Hetherington Ltd. to attend their Primestock Sale at St Boswells on Monday 14th March.

Federation members accepted the invitation from Harrison & Hetherington Ltd. to attend their prime sale at St Boswells on Monday 14th March. Clear benefits of buying live and plenty of choice of abattoirs available with Shotts, Wishaw and Lockerbie all represented.

An impressive show of quality and quantity satisfied a busy ring.

At St Boswells on Monday 14th March Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep.

Sold 99 clean cattle, 52 Beef Cows, 1820 Hoggs and 197 Ewes
Bullocks (38) averaged 191p per kg and sold to 236p (n/c on the week)
Heifers (60) averaged 209.7p per kg and sold to 240p (+9.7p on the week)
1 Y Bull sold to 110p (n/c on the week)
52 Beef type Cows averaged 120p per kg and sold to 161p (+4.0p on the week)
1820 Hoggs averaged 190.75p per kg (+11p on the week) £87 per head and sold to £107, top price 229.9p per kg for Texel
197 Ewes averaged £73, and sold to £110 for Suffolk
Heavy ewes averaged £89, Light ewes sold to £81 for Cheviot and averaged £66

Principal Prices per Head: Bee Edge £1406.40 and £1396.80, Seggarsdean £1375.64, Longnewton £1365.28, Bee Edge £1349.92 and £1348.90, Wester Ulston £1324.80.

Principal Prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.40 Shaws of Lauder and WTS Forsyth & Sons, Wester Ulston 2.40 Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Segarsdean 2.38 Shaws of Lauder, Bee Edge 2.36 Shaws of Lauder, Willowford 2.36 Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Bee Edge 2.35 Shaws of Lauder, Upper Nisbet 2.34 Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Bee Edge 2.30 Shaws of Lauder, Longnewton 2.30 WTS Forsyth & Sons, Longnewton 2.28 Shaws of Lauder, Mosstower 2.27 John Saunderson Butcher Ltd.

Cows per head: Kersknowe £1304.16 and £1142.60, Rumbleton £1133.44, Hutlerburn £1102.98, West Newbiggin £1095.68, Easter Middleton £1089.36.

Cows per kg: Rumbleton 1.61 and 1.59, Easter Middleton 1.53, Mosstower and Hyndsidehill 1.49, Kersknowe 1.45 and 1.43.

Hoggs – A good show of strong, well fleshed hoggs forward to achieve high returns. All classes sought after. Hoggs per head: Suffolk £107 Lurdenlaw, £104 Boghall, £103 Bonjedward Mill (2) and Boghall, £101 (3) Boghall, Texel £105 Lurdenlaw, £101 Boghall, £100 Boon (2), £98 Whitrighill and Whitlaw, Beltex £100 Faughhill, £90 Wester Ulston Sheep, Hampshire £99.50, £96 East Fortune, Cheviot £96 and £95 Lurdenlaw, £92.50, £90.50 and £88.50 Gilston, £88 (2) Saughtree, Charolais £95.50, £94.50 and £90 Whitlaw, Mule £95 and £90 Boghall, £90 Hundalee, £88 Milrighall and Whitlaw, Cheviot Mule £88 Gilston, Border Leicester £88 Hartside, Blackface £87 Hartside, £85 Tinnis. Hoggs per kg: Texel 229.9 Boon, 212.8 Lower Ashtrees, 211.5 Traprain, 207 Whitlaw, 206.6 Traprain, 205.1 Thornington, 205 Whitrighill and Pawston (2), 204.9 Lylestane, Beltex 223.7 Faughhill, 218.4 Lylestane, 207.3 Faughhill, 203.8 and 202.4 Lylestane, 200 Hartside (2), Cheviot 211 Wester Ulston Sheep (3), 209.9 Dod Farm, 209 Southfield, 208.1 Traprain, 207.4 Nisbet, 205.3 Gilston, 204.7 Saughtree, Suffolk 206 Swinnie, 202.3 Wester Ulston Sheep, 201.3 Aikeyside, 200 Traprain, Charolais 204.5 and 201.1 Whitlaw, Mule 201.2 Inland Pastures, 200 Traprain, Blackface 197.1 Horseupcleugh, Cheviot Mule 194.7 Lylestane, 192.2 Wester Ulston Sheep.

Ewes – Small show of mixed ewes, to average similar on the week. Suffolk £110 Ruecastle Cottages, £105 Dunsdaleheugh, £101 Mossilee, £93 Blackburn Mill, £89 (2) Redheugh, £87 Upper Bolton and Helmburn, £85 Upper Bolton, Texel £99 Ednam West Mains, £95 Mossilee, £91 Boon and Nisbet, £90 Faughhill, £89 Blackburn Mill, £87 Ednam West Mains and Ellemford, £85 Blackburn Mill, Hampshire £99 East Fortune, £87 St Clements Wells, Halfbred £93 Upper Bolton, £91 Bonjedward Mill, Mule £87 Boon, £83 Blackburn Mill, £77 Nisbet and Faughhill, Cheviot £81 Halidean Mill, £73 Gilston, £65 Halidean Mill, Bluefaced Leicester £70 Tinnis, Blackface £65 Horseupcleugh, £55 Middlestead and Sunnyside.

Rams: Suffolk £121 Mossilee, Hampshire £120 East Fortune.

More pictures at https://picasaweb.google.com/SFMTA3/2016STBOSWELLSMARKET#

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